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Sep 23, 2007 · Atom B ,who took an extra electron, now has a -1 charge and will be attracted to atom A that lost the electron and got a +1 charge. Opposites attract.
Dec 20, 2020 · In a battery, the positive side has + ions, means there are fewer electrons than protons, giving it an overall positive charge, and -ve side, more electrons than protons, giving it an overall negative charge. +ve and -ve charge will attract each other, and it is the use of such an attractive force that allows the battery to do work.
  • einsteinium protons neutrons and electrons. HOME; PORTFOLIO; CONTACTS
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    Jan 12, 2010 · what kind atom that has more protons than electrons? ... 1 decade ago. Favorite Answer. A cation, like Na+. 1 0? Lv 6. 1 decade ago. A positive ion (it has had one or ...
    43) If an atom has a charge of +1, which of the following must be true? A) It has two more protons than neutrons. B) It has the same number of protons as electrons. C) It has one more electron than it does protons. D) It has one more proton than it does electrons.
  • For better or worse, these protons, neutrons, and electrons comprise the atom. In a regular old atom, there is exactly the same number of protons as there are electrons. This means that the unit as a whole is electrically neutral: its positive and negative vibes cancel out. In nature, there are 92 kinds of atoms.
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    Nitrogen has an atomic number of 7; the neutral Nitrogen atom has 7 protons and 7 electrons. If Nitrogen gained three electrons it would have 10 electrons, like the Noble gas Neon (10 protons, 10 electrons). However, unlike Neon, the resulting Nitrogen ionwould have a net charge of N3-(7 protons, 10 electrons).
    The element having the highest electronegativity will have the strongest pulling force, and the shared electrons will be attracted more to this atom than to the other in the covalent bond partnership. This distorts the distribution, or the amount of time, a shared electron will spend near one atom rather than the other.
  • a) Element Symbol – one or two letter abbreviation to signify the full name of the element b) Charge – the difference between electrons and protons (+ has more protons, - has more electrons, 0 has both electrons and protons) c) Atomic Number – Identifies the number of protons d) Mass Number – Identifies the number of protons and neutrons 9.
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    If there are the same number of electrons and protons in an atom, then the atom is said to have a neutral charge. Electrons are attracted to the nucleus by the positive charge of the protons. Electrons are much smaller than neutrons and protons. About 1800 times smaller! The Neutron The neutron doesn't have any charge.
    In our example, krypton's atomic number is 36. This tells us that an atom of krypton has 36 protons in its nucleus.The interesting thing here is that every atom of krypton contains 36 protons. If an atom doesn't have 36 protons, it can't be an atom of krypton. Adding or removing protons from the nucleus of an atom creates a different element.
  • so, as your question is about what will an atom be called when it has more protons than electron. is the protons are more in numbers, then, it is sure that there will be excess of positive charge. so that atom will be positively charged. and the positively charged atom that has lack of some electrons is called as cation or positive ion.
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    The element having the highest electronegativity will have the strongest pulling force, and the shared electrons will be attracted more to this atom than to the other in the covalent bond partnership. This distorts the distribution, or the amount of time, a shared electron will spend near one atom rather than the other. Land with pond for sale in sc
    Sulfur has more energy levels than oxygen so it is larger than oxygen. Explain why a ca+2 ion is smaller than an atom of Ca while an F-1 ion is larger than an atom of F. Ca+2 ion has fewer electrons than a Ca atom.
  • If an atom has more or fewer electrons than its atomic number, then it becomes respectively negatively or positively charged as a whole; a charged atom is called an ion. Electrons have been known since the late 19th century, mostly thanks to J.J. Thomson; see history of subatomic physics for details. Protons have a positive charge and a mass ...
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    Dr. Jones says an atom has 3 electrons in the first shell and four electrons in the second shell. Someone should tell Dr. Jones that ... a. No shell can hold more than 2 electrons. b. The first shell must fill before the second shell can have electrons. c. The first shell shouldn't have 3 electrons. d. The second shell should have 8 electrons. e. Forwarded email
    Question: An Atom Has More Electrons Than Protons. The Atom Is An Insulator. A Negative Ion. A Conductor. A Positive Ion. A Semiconductor.
  • Cations have more protons than electrons and so have a net positive charge. Zwitterions are neutral and have both positive and negative charges at different locations throughout the molecule. Anions are generally larger than the parent molecule or atom, because the excess electrons repel each other and add to the physical size of the electron ...
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    An atom that has more protons than electrons is called a cation. Ions are charged atoms or combinations of atoms. When an atom loses one or more... Hugo wedding theme
    A negative ION has more electrons than protons, a positive ION has less electrons that protons. Take the element, find its atomic number; that is the amount of protons. Take the mass (if it is...
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There are more protons than electrons. - is a case in which an atom have a positive change.
No known element has more than 32 electrons in any one shell. [6] [7] This is because the subshells are filled according to the Aufbau principle . The first elements to have more than 32 electrons in one shell would belong to the g-block of period 8 of the periodic table .
It should be noted that carbon is about in the middle of the electronegativity range, and is slightly more electronegative than hydrogen. When two different atoms are bonded covalently, the shared electrons are attracted to the more electronegative atom of the bond, resulting in a shift of electron density toward the more electronegative atom.
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This is appropriate, of course, since atomic number is defined by the number of protons, and an atom in a non-ionized state has an equal number of protons and electrons. In noticing the electron configurations of an element, pay close attention to the last or highest principal energy level represented.
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Protons and neutrons have approximately the same mass, but they are both much more massive than electrons (approximately 2,000 times as massive as an electron). The positive charge on a proton is equal in magnitude to the negative charge on an electron. As a result, a neutral atom must have an equal number of protons and electrons.
Carbon-14 is an isotope with eight neutrons per atom. It still has six protons. If it did not have six protons, it would not be carbon. An ordinary atom has an equal number of protons and electrons. Thus the positive and negative charges are balanced. Some atoms, however, lose or gain electrons in chemical reactions or in collisions with other particles. Ordinary atoms that either gain or lose electrons are called ions.
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Protons outnumber electrons; the protons can pull the fewer electrons toward the nucleus more tightly. If the electron that is lost is the only valence electron so that the electron configuration of the cation is like that of a noble gas, then an entire energy level is lost.

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Electrons are particles carrying a single unit of negative electricity with a mass of about 1/1800 amu, or 0.0055 amu. All atoms contain one or more electrons located in the space outside the atomic nucleus. Electrons are arranged in specific regions of the atom known as energy levels. Jun 04, 2008 · A neutral atom of chlorine has 17 protons and 17 electrons When chlorine reacts chemically, it typically gains one electron; giving it 17 protons and 18 electrons Remember: each proton has a positive charge + each electron has a negative charge - Chlorine ION with 17 protons (17 +) and 18 electrons (18-) Now has a NET charge of (1-)

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What is the atomic number of an anion that has 5 neutrons and 4 electrons) 4, an anion should have as many protons as electrons c) 5, an anion should have as many protons as the n

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A given atom has 3 protons, 4 neutrons, and 3 electrons. Describe how you can use those three values to describe the structure, charge, and mass of the atom.

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